Are you a life leader driven by your heart?

Someone, who feels a large amount of responsibility for other people.



An online movement program utilizing the connection of the mind-body complex to create our everyday relationships.

In You Shift, you will move deeper into Step Two: Explore Your Feelings, of my Shift Into Life‘ process. 

You no longer need to feel stuck and stressed out by external factors. In our weekly practice, we will utilize discussion, tools and techniques, to shift your life to an inside out opportunity. 

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Create your life from the inside out.

As humans, we are always seeking to respond. We decorate our external world with inspirational quotes, hope, strength, etc., but stay the same internally. We react when we want to respond because changing our expression is not enough. Thrive With Balance is designed to help you discover your options, so you can change your reactions to people, places, and things.


What’s included?

  • 4 x 30-minute presentations
  • 4 x 60-minute live group strategy call 
  • 4 x toolbox strategies for at home
  • 4 x toolbox strategies at work
  • A private pop-up Facebook group 
  • Thrive With Balance reflection journal
  • Daily inspiration emails


21-Day Perspective Challenge (a value of $99)

Have you ever felt that if something outside of you changed, that you would feel better?

People often feel that if their external life was different, they would be too! People, places, and things are not the problem, the problem is in not knowing your options! When we begin to change our beliefs, we see the world anew.

Projection is an opportunity to play with the stories that have shaped us.

If this sounds familiar: “You made me feel sad, angry, frustrated etc.” Try this: Pause, Breath and Create.


I’m Balanced Living Coach,Tracey McDonald. I believe that our life stories create an opportunity for us to engage where we are at, to explore what our options are, and to embody who we choose to be. Living in and learning from these stories help us live an authentic life, with flexible choices, in the joy of presence.

I’m passionate about helping people realize that within life conditions, there are options. Your feelings are expressions of emotions stored inside of your body and within these emotions are stories waiting to be explored and celebrated because they have made you who you are today! I love guiding people through this process so they can live a life that has a balance of structure and flexibility –  honouring the “good” and the “bad” and creating from where they are at now.  That’s why I created  “You Shift”.



Tracey opened my eyes to different aspects in my life. I loved that it was on line and that I could work at my own pace. I also appreciated being able to go back and listen to the lectures. This program helped me to become aware of my thoughts, feelings, and actions, and to move through them with the support of Tracey. I truly believe this course was worth the price point. To be honest this program couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. Since taking the program I have been able to see things in a different light, and to pause before reacting. I have truly been able to apply the teachings in my daily living, my parenting & and my work environment. I highly recommend this program ! 


“My experience taking Tracey’s program was not what I had initially expected. I received ongoing individualized support above and beyond my expectations. The program was challenging – mentally and emotionally – but I never felt alone as Tracey was there guiding me through the process. Since taking the program, I have made positive personal progress in that I am a lot more aware of my self-limiting beliefs. After taking this program, I feel much more equipped to face personal issues and deep rooted feelings that come up in daily life by first becoming aware of them. Life is not just about physical fitness, this program has given me a holistic approach to living a positive life. A happy life, a healthier life! It has been and continues to be a journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance. The program is not focused on a destination, but rather the process. Self discovery and self improvement is after all, a lifelong journey!”



Once a week, you will receive recorded videos and practices to explore reaction and response in your life.

Whatever happens to the body, happens to the mind. Whatever happens to the mind, happens to the body.

Explore your feelings and create the life you truly desire. Creation happens with opportunity. This program will help you to accept how you feel and how you want to feel in your life!

This practice is more than realizing our feelings, its choosing them. With consistency, you will create flexibility in your choices and be able to align your attitude with your true self.

This practice is for everyone who has a desire to live with flexible choices. Yoga experience is NOT required.




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Explore your feelings. Create your life.

If you are triggered by the outside world and you want to release stress and live your best life, you are in the right place. Learn to play within the stories that have shaped your life so you can begin living in true creativity. You Shift will show you how.