4 week soul plan.

Who you choose to be?

Living from your soul is a choice and a potential. When you get caught in existence its easy to feel lost and lose your authenticity.

With appreciation of your soul, you can learn to observe, commemorate, and share your authentic self externally, and in turn, realize your potential to grow in the world with aligned action.

The goal of this 4-week program is to celebrate your soul and realize your potential.

An Effort Towards Thriving

✓ There will always be unexpected twists and turn.

✓ There will always be expectations.  

✓ There will always be more to do.  

✓ There will always be difference. 

✓ There will always be criticism.  

So, how do we manage it all?


Heart Body Symbol - Peace of Mind

Why a Purpose Plan?

  1. Because your life is for you to live.
  2. Because you have true desires.
  3. Because you know that under all the distractions, there is peace.

In this 4-week plan:

  1. You will gain awareness of your virtues in life. 
  2. You will gain an authentic connection to your life’s purpose.
  3. You will gain appreciation for where other’s are at. 
  4. You will gain acceptance of how you truly want to be in your life.


Realize Your Purpose Plan In 4 Weeks

This Purposeful Plan was designed for those who are ready to honour their potential; it was designed for those who are ready to live their true nature and the life they truly desire.

The problem is not where you are at, the problem is accepting that your options are possible. The mind is only one-third of the solution. The mind is how you experience the world, and the body and the spirit are how you live it.

In this 8-week transformation program, you will learn to move beyond your thoughts and to empower your body and spirit so you can live the life you truly desire. These 8-weeks will teach you how to utilize your whole-being.

What’s Included:

✓ 4 Transformative presentations

✓ 4 Live group coaching sessions

✓ 4 Weekly on the mat practices

✓ 4 Weekly off the mat practices

✓ Purposeful Plan journal

✓ Lifetime access

Join the movement to be a priority in your life so that you can take care of your health, have genuine relationships, and connect to your authentic self. Yoga experience is not required. The only requirement is your willingness to trust your connection.

$222 for 4 Weeks 


Here is what others are saying….




“Tracey’s program and expertise took me inside myself to explore what truly matters. She asks great questions, listens deeply, and provides honest and direct feedback. She challenges me to grow at my own pace and in my own way. I think of her as a powerful spiritual beam of light who helps me burn through obstacles, open up possibilities, and reclaim my unique yet humble corner of the universe.” ~ RUTH LOUDEN

“Tracey’s program has helped me shift my mind and life from an unhappy and robotic/ monotonous one to actually being present, mindful, and at peace with myself. I chose this program because I have known Tracey to be an exceptional mentor when my children attended her Kids Yoga Camps years ago. Peaceful You helped me to realize that there is so much more to Yoga than being on a mat. The tools that I have learned help me to stay calm in stress-provoking situations and keep my health (both physical and mental) first and foremost. I have learned to be a priority in my life, and in turn, be more productive in my day.  The flexibility of online learning along with group support worked well for me. I would encourage anyone who wants to experience a more meaningful and happy life to enroll in the Peaceful You program, it has shifted my life! ~ Tania Skoufaris


Tracey brought all of her skills and training together to help create personal clarity through her Peaceful You program. Tracey has helped me to not only get clear on my life vision and goals, but she has shown me how to be more patient and forgiving of myself. She is an exceptionally trained Yoga lifestyle coach and I felt like she was more like a guidance counselor than anything else. She guided me to understand myself and what I truly wanted.” ~ Melinda Hynes 


Purpose-full Life