Lead The Shift

yoga life & leadership practicum



work with adults & or children

This leadership practicum will help you apply the princples of Yoga in your own life as well as to lead others to move from within.

Lead The Shift Practicum is:

  • About learning to meet people where they are at
  • About leading with the heart in mind
  • About co-regulation & cultural competence
  • About leading others into their blissful union

Lead The Shift Practicum  can be taken independently or as level 3 to complete full Yoga Teacher Training.  

For those new to Yoga, my signature online program ‘The Embodied Joy Method’ is highly recommended as a prerequisite.




About the training

Teaching children Yoga is much different than teaching adults and it makes sense, a child’s brain and body are not fully developed and they are processing through much different experiences than those of adults.

At Move, our philosophy is to meet people, where they are at, and in my 95/45-Hour, you will learn how to come from the perspective of the children.

Program is currently fully online, please message for schedule details. 

What’s Included

  • Review of my signature program ‘The Embodied Joy Method’
  • Application of the 8 Limbs in modern life & leadership
  • Sequencing in life
  • Learning & Development Stages
  • The Art of Leadership & Co-creation
  • Cultural Competence
  • Lead with the heart in mind
  • Feel confident holding space with varied behaviours

 Location & Time

Port Hope, Ontario

Lead adults practicum available in April & October

Lead children practicum available in May & November.

Custom dates & location available for groups, upon request.  

"I highly recommend the Kids Yoga Teacher Training from MOVE to anyone"

I received my 95-Hour Kid’s Yoga Teacher Training certification from MOVE by Tracey McDonald in 2018. Tracey is a fantastic instructor whose classes are engaging, educational, and fun. The online training focused on the philosophical aspects of yoga while the in-class instruction taught us how to develop children’s yoga classes that incorporate mindfulness, movement, and meditation. The combination of the online and in-person instruction left me feeling confident in my ability to develop and lead yoga classes that children will love and appreciate. I have taken what I learned from Tracey and utilize it in my daily practice will my own children at home as well as the elementary students I teach at school each day. I have also developed parent and child yoga classes that I now teach at a local yoga studio. I highly recommend the Kids Yoga Teacher Training from MOVE to anyone who has children, works with children, or just wants to add some fun and playfulness to their own practice. Tracey is so knowledgeable and approachable – she is a wonderful instructor and has become a great friend.

~Megan Thow, 95-Hour Kids Yoga Training  

"I find her style of teaching very open and comfortable"

I can’t say enough about how much I’ve enjoyed Tracey’s 95-Hour Kids Yoga training. Tracey has opened my eyes to a different side of yoga. I find her style of teaching very open and comfortable. She has a natural way and is able to help you to connect through the openness of her own journey. I find that gives Tracey’s training a very personal touch. She’s a wonderful person and I look forward to continuing to learn more of what she has to teach.

~ Danielle Downton, 95-Hour Kids Yoga Training

"Tracey is a true teacher of knowledge, fun, and adventure"

“Tracey’s 45-Hour Kids Yoga Training gave me a new perspective! It allowed me to play and to connect to the joy of my inner-child. I encourage you to take part in the adventure of children’s yoga training, it is a wonderful extension of the 200hr training and gives you the opportunity to truly connect with people no matter what their age. I attended the training in 2017 and Tracey makes it so much fun and enjoyable with poses, props, and childlike imagination. It has enhanced my yoga teaching and brought more play into my classes, with adults, children, and teens. Tracey is a true teacher of knowledge, fun, and adventure. Thank you Tracey! 

~ Heather Amisson, 45-Hour Kids Yoga Training

"Tracey's training blew all of my expectations of the training out of the water. "

“I participated in Tracey’s 45-Hour Kids Yoga Training. As an Educational Assistant and a Yoga teacher, I have incorporated Yoga with the students I work with, but I always felt as though I wanted more, so I signed up for the training. Tracey’s training blew all of my expectations of the training out of the water. She leads her training from the heart – full of intention. She helps to guide you to do the same not only in your yoga teaching but in life. I have learned tools & fun ways to connect with children, and how to teach them about all aspects of yoga. I am extremely grateful that I landed upon Tracey’s training and I have nothing positive experience to share. I am excited to use this knowledge that I have learned and continue on my journey to help children find tools and outlets to work through their daily challenges in life, to find love, happiness, and playfulness. Thank you  Tracey!

~ Paige Logan, 45-Hour Kids Yoga Training




Tracey McDonald is a E-RYT 1000, she is also a registered Yoga Therapist with the International Association of Yoga Therapist, IAYT (for more about Tracey’s Yoga journey, click here)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have experience?

A love for being with children is all you need. 

Is it Online?

The 95-hour training includes a 12-week program online prior to the in-person portion. 

Is the training registered with the Yoga Alliance?

Yes, MOVE by Tracey McDonald is a registered school with the Canadian Yoga Alliance


Lead Adults $ CDN

Lead Children $ CDN