Our mindset is balance, our purpose is potential.


4-Week Mindset Cleanse.

To calm the mind, realize your perception. The thoughts that are keeping your mind in chaos, is perception waiting to change.

You can choose to see your world anew.

The goal of this 21-day challenge is to realize your perception and create your thoughts through daily intention setting.

Photo of Tracey McDonald Walking by a river


4-Week Balance Reset.

To relax the body, understand your motivation. The feelings that are keeping your body tense, are externally motivated.

You can choose to live your life with an internal focus.

The goal of this 4-week reset is to understand your motivation and to cultivate your attiude from the inside out.

Photo of Tracey McDonald Walking by a river


4-Week Purposeful Plan.

To live with spirit, develop your connection. The behaviour that disconnects you from your potential is conditional.

You can choose to excel in the discomfort of the unknown.

The goal of this 4-week plan is to develop your connection and curate your behaviour with effort towards your purpose in life.