Have you tried everything to find more peace and happiness in your life?

✓ You’ve tried focusing on your diet 

✓ You’ve tried various exercise regimes

✓ You’ve booked a holiday to getaway

✓ You’ve isolated to escape expectations

✓ You’ve read self-help books 

But somehow your efforts get lost everytime you prioritize someone else’s needs.

You’ve done a great job! And you no longer have to try so hard…

Being a priority is not only natural, it is necessary!

Hi, my name is Tracey McDonald and I am a Life Balance Strategist. I want you to know that

putting yourself first is not only possible, it is necessary to live the life you truly desire.

I too, was last on my to-do list until I realized these 3 Radical Shifts and how to be a priority in my life.

When you learn to accept your priority, your life will improve and so will the lives of those around you.

Listen to what others had to say…

In this free webinar, I will teach you 3 Radical Shifts that changed my life.

You can use these 3 shifts immediately in your life to stop being last on your to-do list:

✓ Stop the feeling of overwhelm in your life

✓ Reduce stress caused by external responsibilities

✓ Surrender attachment to your expectations

Life balance is more than splitting time and responsibilities, it is balancing your connection with your life experience and your true nature.  When you learn these 3 Radical Shifts To Be A Priority In You Life, you will no longer have to live with overwhelm, stress, or attachment in your life.

I have guided many people like you and me through these 3 Radical Shifts.

Today is the day you choose to prioritize you!

“Tracey has helped me to not only get clear on my life vision and goals, but she has shown me how to be more patient and forgiving of myself.”

Melinda, 55 years old