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 Lead adults and/ or children

Lead with Empowerment

Take your Empowered Life to the next level.

If you are looking to expand your practice, or to teach others, you are in the right place!!

Lead with Joy is the next step to complete a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training certification.

If you are new to Yoga, check out my signature program ‘The Embodied Joy Method’ to start.

Lead with Joy is:

  • About patience
  • About devotion
  • About faith

TRAINING INCLUDES:                                

  • The Embodied Joy Method Program
  • Yoga Philosophy & Psychology
  • Subtle Anatomy
  • Leadership
  • Cultural Competence
  • Access to 24 on-demand modules for one year
  • on-demand, at your convenience
  • 24 weekly meetings live on zoom
  • in-person practicum


“If you know how to put your heart in the divine, you can rest their always and still play in the world. It will no longer be a hell to you, but a beautiful playground.”

~Sri Swami satchidananda

About Lead With Joy

Yoga is the extraordinary experience of a peaceful mind and in this training, you will be encouraged to find peace by letting go of who you think you should be and in turn allow the unknown to guide your curiosity, creativity, and compassion, for who you want to be.

Through practice, we will learn to reconnect with the adventure and playfulness of movement (on and off the mat) and in turn, find joy in the teachings of both comfort and discomfort. Life can feel overwhelming at times, and it is in those moments that our true nature is waiting to be discovered. It is the goal of this training to teach theory, tools & techniques, on how to rediscover and share your true nature.

Classical Yoga Lifestyle is for those seeking to understand Yoga at its most holistic and personally transforming level.

Robert Butera, Ph.D., Founder of the Yoga Life Institute.

What’s included?

  • We will engage the meaning and development of Yoga
  • We will explore Yoga as a lifestyle and a goal through various paths
  • We will learn to embody the mind and understand how our unique human experience affects how we show up in the world
  • We will have weekly practices to ‘be in the world’ versus ‘of the world’
  • We will learn how the body communicates and learn to listen to our unique physiology
  • We will learn to balance your energy through chakra exploration
  • You will have weekly support through live discussion and community
  • Training is availabe for certification and for personal growth, please see FAQ’s

"Yoga Teacher Training has changed my life "

“Tracey’s 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training has changed my life and my experience as a Yoga teacher/ practitioner. The training she has created is a powerful combination of self-inquiry and learning to teach from the inside out. With that, she mixes personal experience and makes the whole course very authentic and relatable. Tracey takes an ancient philosophy and makes it applicable to our everyday life. This training has taught what Yoga truly is and it allowed me to take my mind, body, and spirit off my “mat” and into my entire life. Whatever your level of experience is or whatever your intention may be for teaching or not, this course is for you. It’s about depending on your experience in this life. Tracey is the Real Deal!!”

~ Melissa Davis


"It was a transformative journey that I would highly recommend whether you plan to teach classes or not"

“I never thought I would be enrolled in Yoga Teacher Training, but I did as an opportunity to delve deeper into my personal growth. It was a transformative journey that I would highly recommend whether you plan to teach classes or not. Currently, I am not teaching classes, but I share Yoga in my life every day and plan to teach in my retirement as a way to give back what was so graciously given to me.  I did not choose Tracey, it was meant to be!! A friend brought me to her class and I just kept going. Tracey is authentic, she gives you the tools, encouragement, and support to reach who you are meant to be. There are no gimmicks just her true authentic self who has walked the walk and can do the talk. Tracey teaches Yoga for life – how to live the life opportunity that we have been given, through the mind-body-spirit connection.  She has been my mentor since 2012 and continues to be today.

~ Lorraine Clarke  

"The amount of knowledge that I have obtained by Tracey is life-changing"

“The amount of knowledge that I have obtained by Tracey is life-changing. Thank you so much. I really appreciate the depth of knowledge and experience of Tracey. I grew an enormous amount, intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally over the 6 months. I highly recommend Tracey to anyone looking to receive 200-hours yoga certification!”

~ Melanie Bradley

Training Happens Twice A Year


24 modules

24 lives discussions online

in-person practicum (Port Hope, Ontario)




Tracey McDonald is a E-RYT 1000, she is also a registered Yoga Therapist with the International Association of Yoga Therapist, IAYT (for more about Tracey’s Yoga journey, click here)


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need experience?

200-hour teacher training prepares students to teach Yoga techniques to healthy adults.

Mindfulness experience is beneficial but not necessary as experience will be gained through online signature programs: Brainful Nature, Inspired Balance, and Peaceful You.

Is it Online?

Yes, the full training is currently all online.

Is this training registered with the Yoga Alliance?

Yes, MOVE by Tracey McDonald is a registered school with the Canadian Yoga Alliance


 Payment plans available