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Classical Yoga starts with intention.

Yoga for Kids & Families

Behaviour is a sign of balance or imbalance.

Not only does Yoga help to calm and focus the mind, but it can also help children to realize who they truly are at every stage in life and to stand up for who they want to be. For resilience, self-regulation, playfulness, flexibility in the mind and strength in the body try Kids Yoga.

Sunday Kids & Parents Yoga

Kids Ages 5-8 at 10-11am EST, Online, $128 per pair

 Kids Yoga & Adventure Camps

July 4th-9th (ages 4-9yrs), Half Day Afternoon, 1-4pm

July 18th-22nd (ages 5-12yrs), Full Day 9-4pm or Half Day (M/A)

August 15th-19th (5-12yrs), Full Day 9-4pm or Half Day (M/A)

Fall Classes 2022 

Kids Yoga (Ages 5-8yrs), In-Person (Tuesday 430-530pm), Port Hope, ON 

Kids Yoga (Ages 9-12yrs), In-Person (Thursday 6-7pm), Port Hope, ON 

One-on-one Private Sessions for Children, Online


“Tracey has a presence that makes you feel comfortable at once. Her approach to teaching is natural and intuitive which allows for a very personal approach to working with every individual. Being a member of Tracey’s classes has been a positive and affirming experience for me. They allow me to be introspective of my self and my life in a safe and supported environment. I leave class feeling relaxed and much more aware of my self. Tracey has been instrumental in my switch to a more positive lifestyle and I can’t thank her enough! “
~ Jennifer H


“I have been a student of Tracey’s for many years now. I love how she teaches. She is a natural born teacher. She explains things in a way that I can really relate to and understand. She has a beautiful soul and heart which just adds one more reason to love her and her work! I highly recommend taking the opportunity to work with this amazing woman.”
~ Angie H


“My two kids attend Tracey’s Yoga for Athletes class and absolutely love it. They can’t wait for Saturday to come and they adore Tracey. Yoga has brought so much to their life. They are both in hockey and this has helped them so much with their ability to focus. I also believe that not only do they find it fun but it has helped them relax with their hectic hockey schedule. it has helped them have a better quality of sleep and has reduced my son’s frequency of migraine headaches. I would highly recommend Tracey and her programs! Thank you Tracey!”
~ Michelle G


“Taking time for myself is difficult. I’m a mom, a wife and a caregiver to my father. I’ve only begun on this journey. Tonight I did a posture I thought I would never get, and tonight it happened. Tracey is awesome and supportive and if you ever get a chance to try yoga, she’s the person to go to!”
-Kim T

8-Week Hatha Yoga

Whether you are new to Yoga or you appreciate a slow, subtle practice, this class is designed for every body, every shape, every experience.

To balance the mind and body. You will find slow, mindful movements with options for the individual body.The focus is on finding calm in the chaos through body awareness, breath, concentration and meditation.

Monday 630-730pm EST, Online

$112 per session

Wednesday 6-7pm EST, In-Person

$112 per session

8 week Yin/Restorative Yoga

For those who want to sink deeper into their body and emotions. Yin and Restorative Yoga help us to release and restore energy in the body.

In Yin, the intention is to access deep tissue in the body that holds emotion and can get in the way of realizing the truth of who we are. In Restorative, the intention is to surrender to what we have discovered. One is to release, the other is to restore.

Thursday 8-915pm EST, Online

$112 per session


What is Classical Yoga?

Classical is based on the traditional system of the eight limbs, known as Ashtanga Yoga.



Can I join if session has started?

Yes, absolutely. Message us for a prorated code. 


Can I drop into a class?

No, our intention is offer a consistent weekly practice. 


I am away for 3 weeks, can I pay for the ones that I attend?

No, we are not offering drop in at this time. Classes are recorded and available for 1 week. 


If I am late can I still join?

Yes, we understand that life happens. The link is open for those who have registered to join at anytime.

That said, we do not encourage lateness for your benefit as well as for the teacher and the other students.


Will classes be recorded? 

Yes, classes are recorded and available for 1 week.